Terms and Conditions

Check Out

The Check Out Time is 12.00 Noon


Tariff for your room is available at the Reception Counter. In addition, Luxury tax or any other taxes levied by Govt will be added to the bill.

Settlement of Bill

Bill must be settled on presentation. Cheques are not accepted. Guests are requested to inform 'Reception' 3 hours before checking out. Luggage will be permitted to be removed only on full clearance of bills

Room Keys

Room keys should be left at the Reception Counter when leaving the Hotel. Keys must not be left in the key hole after locking the room or handed over to staff for depositing with Reception.


Dogs and other pets are not allowed in the Hotel

Guest's belongings

The hotel will not in any way, whatsoever, be responsible for the loss ofresident's goods / valuables' cash or any other property not entrusted to the Management or for damage there of whether due to neglect of the Hotel servants or Agents or any other cause whatsoever including theft of pilferage. For the convenience of guests. Valuables/cash may be deposited at the Reception Counter and a receipt be obtained for the same.

The guest shall not keep any goods with them & in their belonging along a shall any contra band goods be liable to all such consequences there to.

Damage to Hotel Property

Guests will be held responsible for any loss or damage to the Hotel Property caused by themselves or any such consequence there to.

Injury to Person

The Management will not be responsible for any injury to person caused by accident white staying at the Hotel.

Government Rules and Regulation

Guests are requested to comply with the Government rules and regulations in force from time to lime in respect of registration, alcoholic dnnks, fire arms, hazardous goods etc.

Reservation Facilities

Reservations on trains/buses/planes will be arranged if sufficient notice is given. However reservation cannot be guaranteed. Similarly arrangements can be made to hire taxis.

Management's Rights

The management reserves to itself the absolute right of admission to any person in the Hotel premises or to request any guest vacate his or her room at any time without previous notice and without assigning any reason wtotsoever. The guest will be bound to vacate the room when requested to do so. In default the Management will be at liberty to take any action as may be deemed to be necessary.

The Management reserves to itself the right to amend the rules and regulations mentioned above

Safe Deposit Lockers are available with the Management